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I’d Rather Be Dancing Romanian Folk Dances

I’d Rather Be Dancing Romanian Folk Dances

Ah, the beautiful dances of Romania! Gorgeous music, visually and rhythmically stunning!

One of the dances I often taught when I was an elementary general music teacher is the Romanian dance Alunelul. It matches the very distinctive rhythm of the music, and also fits well with the Christmas song Up on the Rooftop.

And a gypsy dance from Romania, Dana:

Hora De Mînă:

I know the video shows a different name, but this Romanian dance is generally known as Îni Viţui Nâ Featâ Moi:

This beautiful Romanian dance honors midwives. Joc De Leagăne, also known as “The Cradle Dance”:

Something more lively and upbeat–Made în România:


Get ready to swing your arms. Rustemul:

This is one of my favorite dances to lead. Beautiful music. Siriul:

In November, Lee Otterholt (well-known international folk dance teacher) came to Phoenix International Folk Dancers group and taught us some dances. I’ve been obsessed with La Bordeiul cel din Vale ever since. It was choreographed by Ira Weisburd, the man in black whom you see keying up the laptop and leading: