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Today’s prompt:

Find a factual article about an animal. Make sure it repeats the name of the animal a lot. Now, go back through the text and replace the name of the animal with something else. You should wind up with some very funny and even touching combinations, which you can then rearrange and edit into a poem.

I chose an article about elephants. I replaced the word “elephants” with . . .

elephant by geran-de-klerk-FhbyES4BjG8-unsplash
The Secrets of my Childhood

the secrets of my childhood grow tusks
that plow furrows into the soil of my existence
into which I sow the despair of my longing

led by a matriarch, the secrets of my childhood 
are organized into complex social structures
that do not allow pathetic creatures like me
to escape

the secrets of my childhood tend to live in isolation
and I am forced to dwell in the jungles of regret
hidden from the outside world

the secrets of my childhood need extensive land areas to survive
I forage in the undergrowth for sustenance
there will never be enough

©ARHuelsenbeck 2021