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Writers’ Roundup: How to Write More Engaging Fiction

Writers’ Roundup: How to Write More Engaging Fiction

You’re working on a novel, but you’re afraid it just doesn’t have the punch you want it to have. What can you do?

Luckily, the internet is full of advice for writers. Gleaned from sixteen of the best writing websites, these articles will help you make your fiction shine.


  1. Advice for the first draft.
  2. Seven different ways to plot your story.
  3. Mapping your story threads.
  4. Beat Sheet cheat sheet.
  5. Choose your exposition carefully.frustrated-writer-2
  6. Using point of view, narrative nearness, and action to make your story come alive.
  7. Get to know your characters.
  8. How to make your characters suffer.
  9. Writing with suspense.
  10. Subtlety and subtext in dialogue.
  11. Using indirection of image to help the reader understand your character’s emotion.
  12. Ten sneaky overwriting traps to avoid.
  13. Self-editing.
  14. Using Margie Lawson’s EDITS System to plan your rewrite.
  15. What if your novel is really a short story?
  16. Write a short story.