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Guest Post: How To Make A Collage To Inspire Your Work-In-Progress


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Finding yourself at a loss for words? Unable to chip away at your writer’s block? You’re stuck in the winter doldrums—what you need is some writing inspiration!

One of the most effective ways to spark creativity is to try something new, and we have the answer: Make a collage. Creating a collage can be a great help to writers of all genres—books…short prose…and even poetry, which can be a very visual medium. Once you’ve prepared your collage, hang it above your writing desk and let it inspire you while you’re working!

Elements To Include When Making A Collage To Boost Your Writing Creativity

Colors and textures that set the mood of your writing. Is the piece you want to write exuberant and uplifting? Try bright, bold colors! Is it more sad, scary, or mysterious? Dark hues and shadows might be better to set the tone. Be creative and search until you find the right colors to match the tone of your piece.

And don’t forget to consider texture: Rich velvets, rough tree bark, and smooth plastics all offer their own unique inspiration.

Images of people who resemble your characters. As writers, we can usually picture our characters using our imaginations. But if you’re stumped, or you’re unsure of how to bring the image in your mind to life, search for photos of people who look like the character you’re trying to create. Drawings or paintings of people who embody the look you’re going for can help too—and if you can’t find any, why not try to draw them yourself? Visualizing your character’s physical appearance will help you write him or her more convincingly. 

Photos or items that remind you of your setting. Photos, paintings, or even a leaf or a pressed flower can help you focus on your setting and more accurately describe it. Ask yourself: Is your writing set in the present or past? Where does it take place? Even if you’re writing a fantasy piece and trying to create a new world—finding images can still help! You can be as broad as searching for pictures of your character’s country, or as specific as looking for pictures of her or his home. 

Quotes—or even single words!—that fit with your theme. If you’re writing a romance, you may find the words of Nicholas Sparks inspiring: Romance is thinking about your significant other when you are supposed to be thinking about something else. For a short story filled with action and adventure, you may find Gandalf’s words to Frodo will help set the mood: It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. There’s a quote to suit every genre!

Making a collage can get your creativity flowing, and looking at your finished artwork can continue to inspire your writing. If you’re having trouble making a collage that’s specific to the piece you’re writing, consider making a more general collage filled with motivational quotes to help get you started. Pinterest is a great resource.

Here are some collages you can check out to get you started:


And if you like the idea of making art to inspire your writing, consider making a dream board, keeping a reading journal, or checking out some visual writing prompts!

Writer Questions

QUESTION: If you were making a collage of pictures to help with your writing, where would you start?