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Guest Post: Easy People Sketching by Suhita Shirodkar

Guest Post: Easy People Sketching by Suhita Shirodkar

A big ARHtistic License thank you to Suhita Shirodkar for the helpful advice in this awesome article! You can see more sketches by Suhita on Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook.

Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook

If you don’t sketch people often and don’t know where to start, go to a cafe. People sit pretty still, you don’t have to draw full figures, and most people are pretty busy looking at their phones or computers. Which makes it easy to hide at that corner table, to look closely (even stare), and to not worry too much about them disappearing before you finish drawing them.

Since I have two sessions of my People and Places workshop coming up this week, I thought I’d do some easy people sketching today. So I headed to the cafe at my local Barnes & Noble.

I usually start with a page or two of very quick gesture sketches.

And then I played with layering some pastels over my brush pen gesture drawings.

I kinda liked how I could do a very quick gesture capture, then go in with pastel and come back around a…

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Creative Juice #23

Creative Juice #23

Fifteen articles to inspire you in the New Year:

  • Glass miniature masterpieces.
  • These dogs, drawn by Holly Lucero, will give you nightmares.
  • A way to look at your subject so you can draw it more accurately.
  • Skyscrapers into infinity.
  • Please buy me a book illustrated by Tihomir Čelanović. I wish I could read the stories these drawings tell.
  • Breathtaking views of Paris, 1946.
  • I just love Suhita Shirodkar’s work. Take a peek at her sketchbook.
  • Here’s a cool zentangle technique.
  • You can turn a fail around.
  • Tips from people who have been around the block a few times.
  • Woody Guthrie’s New Year resolutions from 1943. I could make a few of these, even though I’m allergic to New Year resolutions.
  • I’m going to try this technique for watercolor backgrounds for zentangle.
  • The large-scale paintings of Salman Khoshroo. Be sure to watch the video of the artist at work. Fascinating.
  • A Christian’s take on creativity and mental illness. Though I’m also a Christian, I don’t believe exactly as she does, but it’s still an interesting essay. Warning: the video is decidedly unholy.
  • I’m thinking of participating in this challenge. How about you? It may help you reach one of your goals for 2017…

Guest Post: Why do you sketch everyday?..by Suhita Shirodkar

Guest Post: Why do you sketch everyday?..by Suhita Shirodkar

Thanks to guest blogger Suhita Shirodkar for this wonderful article about the importance of committing to daily practice of your craft. Suhita’s blog, Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook, is one of my favorites.

Sketch Away: Travels with my sketchbook

It’s Monday, time for some little sketches from the week. A fellow artist and friend asked me this week what I hoped to achieve with my everyday sketches.

So many things come to mind. Besides keeping the drawing practice going (every time I break, I find I am very reluctant to come back to making that first mark on paper), and teaching me to use my time more efficiently, little sketches are a great way to explore. New subjects, new mediums, new techniques, new ways to think, see & draw. With zero expectation, and often very little time, I play less safe, which is great. I explore more different mark-making media:  I tend to grab whatever is within reach to draw with. And anything becomes a good subject.

I’m finding that having kids and pets (the kids aren’t new but the pets are) helps. Both make good, if reluctant, drawing subjects.

At breakfast,on a school…

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