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NaPoWriMo2021 Day Twenty-Three


Today’s prompt is to write a poem that responds, in some way, to another.

My poem is inspired by the first stanza of too sweet, by Charles Bukowski.

Supermarket by Hanson Lu, Unsplash
Supermarket Soap Opera

for years, your daily routine
included a trip to the grocery store
where you knew every clerk by name

for years, I visited the same store
weekly, and knew no one
though they all knew me

but no one ever suspected
the connection between us two—
our marriage

I finally learned all your
favorite checkers’ names
and mentioned you to them

and they all said, no way;
you couldn’t possibly be
married to that guy

I don’t know why

until the day we walked in together
and said, “see, we told you so”

©ARHuelsenbeck 2021

Three Poems


Here are some poems based on actual events:


Meeting my Mother-in-Law at the Supermarket

Turning into the cereal aisle
I catch my breath—
In front of me a familiar form seen from behind
The exact stature
Gray hair styled in a narrow flip
My heart pounds with joy—
It’s been so long since I’ve seen her

Then I remember why:
She’s been gone 38 years
A casualty of cancer

The woman turns
She looks nothing like Mom
My shoulders bow

My mother-in-law would be well over 100 years old
If she were still alive


Essence of Lemon

The tree the landscapers planted
already dangled little green lemons,
a tantalizing promise of sweet sour delight,
tempting us to pucker up.

Little by little, green warmed to a yellow glow,
whispering, come and eat,
you know you want to.

Finally, the green disappeared from the fruit’s cheeks,
and pluck them we did,
To slice them into our water glasses
and drink their exotic nectar.
What a treat!


Thar Be Spiders

“Here.” My mother handed me
a 16-ounce tumbler.
“Fill this with raspberries.”

I went outside to the raspberry patch
Behind the garage. I paused at the edge.
Thar be spiders.

But I knew what my mother would do
With the berries.
She’d mash them with sugar and serve them
Over vanilla ice cream.

So I braved the jungle of
Raspberry canes and plucked the fruit
between the thorns, using my elbow to
Bend back the encroaching vines.

Occasionally I felt the whisper of
A daddy-long-legger on my skin.

Poems ©ARHuelsenbeck