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My Surgery is Making Me Cut Back…


If you’re a regular reader, you may have caught on that surgery is imminent for me. I’m having hip replacement surgery today.

For months, as the pain has increased, my productivity has tanked. When you’re in pain, simple tasks, like grocery shopping or making the bed, become huge undertakings, taking much longer than it should.


I’ve been struggling to keep up with my blog. Frankly, it is apparent I can not keep up with my daily pace.

So I’m letting myself off the hook.

I’m not worrying about the month of July at all.

I already have posts scheduled for all the Sundays, Mondays, and Thursdays in July, so you’ll still be able to get your weekly From the Creator’s Heart, Monday Morning Wisdom, Video of the Week, and guest post. I’m just not up to hustling the original content: the Tuesday/Saturday articles, the Wordless Wednesday photos, the Friday memes. So, they’re gone for a while.

Once I’m off pain meds, I’ll start writing again, but I’ll concentrate on August and beyond (and my book projects).

So, please, bear with me. And send up a prayer to the Great Physician that my healing will be fast. Thanks!