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NaPoWriMo Day Eight: Starting with a Line from Sylvia


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Starting with a line from Sylvia
by ARHuelsenbeck

they stand about in grandmotherly disguise
these imposters
they have no grandchildren
so they acquire others’ by deceit
luring them with cookies and other forbidden sweets
knitting them scratchy sweaters in colors so 1970

they wander the neighborhood and
patronize lemonade stands and
pontificate how in their day the
sweet nectar of the sour tree cost only 5 cents
but buy today’s cup of crystal lite
for a dollar

how dare they send birthday and Halloween cards
to my little sweeties
how dare they call them punkin and cupcake
and take selfies with them
hands off, geezerettes

they’re mine
I earned them the hard way
by raising up my children
and waiting for them to do the same