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TED Talks About Writing

TED Talks About Writing

In my day-to-day life, my enthusiasm for writing occasionally wanes. I need a pep talk to help me keep working. When I had a regular critique group, our weekly sessions served that purpose well. But for a number of reasons, I don’t have one now, and I have to look elsewhere for encouragement. What about you? Do you ever long for someone to infuse you with writing inspiration?

Lucky for us 21st century writers, we have YouTube and TED talks. Here are some excellent ones for writers.

Julia Friedman on keeping a journal:

Chandler Bolt on how and why to write your book’s first draft this weekend:

Anna Brekken on being more creative in your writing:

Freya Wright Brough on extreme writing:

Ann Morgan on why stories matter:

Tom McRae on 7 Truths of [Song]writing:

Jacqueline Woodson on reading slowly: