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Creative Juice #309

Creative Juice #309

A baker’s dozen today. (No, actually 14 beautiful or helpful things to look at today.)

  1. A lot of these Twitter posts made me laugh out loud.
  2. Fairyland paradise.
  3. Amazing prize-winning nature photos.
  4. Cute quilt pattern make with different fabrics.
  5. Gorgeous red-and-white quilts.
  6. Writers, delete these words from your manuscript today. (Yeah, I know. I’m guilty too.)
  7. The apprenticeship of Leonardo da Vinci.
  8. A watercolorist’s process.
  9. Fabulous child photography on this Instagram page.
  10. Sunflowers, sketched several ways.
  11. Interesting double exposures.
  12. A potter discusses the contemporary modernism of a 500-year-old Chinese vessel.
  13. Have you ever seen a murmuration of starlings? Watch this video, and then look at these etchings.