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Barn Quilts

Barn Quilts

For the past 30 years, I’ve lived in a major metropolitan area, nary a barn in sight. So when I recently read an article about the barn quilt movement, I didn’t even know it was a thing.

Barn quilts are large hand-painted renderings, usually on plywood, of traditional quilt blocks, attached to the outsides of barns or other buildings. The movement began when Donna Sue Groves planned to honor her mother, Maxine, by painting a quilt block and hanging it on their barn. When she mentioned her plan to her friends and neighbors, they wanted to participate, too. The project, begun in 2001 in Adams County, Ohio, was to include 20 barn quilts.



But the project grew.

Soon, barn quilts appeared all over the country. Barn quilt trails were identified and became road trip destinations among enthusiasts.

Would you like to participate in the barn quilt movement?



Have you ever made a barn quilt, or driven a barn quilt trail? Share in the comments below.

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