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Creative Juice #54

Creative Juice #54

Twelve more sources of creative inspiration:

  1. The guitar in art.
  2. Beautiful modern quilts.
  3. Man’s best friend.
  4. The loveliest GIFs ever.
  5. I always love seeing Suhita Shirodkar’s sketches.
  6. When I was in high school in the late 1960s, I sometimes took the bus into New York City so I could wander through Central Park.
  7. Unique, affordable travel accommodations.
  8. Take a walk in the garden.
  9. Prize-winning travel photos from the National Geographic contest.
  10. A new application for the Five Second Rule.
  11. Pixilation enters the world of sculpture.
  12. Lessons learned at Uffizi Gallery.

Three Other Poems

Three Other Poems

From time to time I post poems I’ve written. (You can find them by scrolling down my sidebar on the right until you get to “Are you looking for a particular TOPIC?” and choosing “Poetry” from the drop-down menu.) Here are some more.


The Treehouse

I pictured a roof and walls and windows,
A literal house built in a tree.

Instead, my dad built a floor
Surrounded by a railing,
Benches built into the perimeter.

Salvaged attic stairs granted us easy access.

My brother and I climbed up with books
And peanut butter sandwiches.
We lived there all summer,
Reading, eating, and pretending.

If it didn’t rain too hard,
The massive willow tree kept us dry
Inside its enveloping branches.


At Home AO_old_house

It wasn’t my home,
but I felt truly at home there
complete acceptance
no judgment
only love

Kathy’s mother tolerated
what mine would not—
non-stop giggling
toys and books all over the floor

The house was old and cavernous
a “great room” from early days
double staircases criss-crossed each other
a basement provided secret access when no one was home
it’s gone now

Gone are the parents
who created my best friend

and the friendship is gone, too


German soldier playing violin

Photo found on histomil.com

Onkel Joachim

I never met you

Mom told me about
Her beloved brother
Violinist and pianist
University student
Bright future ahead

Then Hitler
Turned you into a soldier
On the eastern front
Never to return

The gypsy said
You married a Russian girl
And conduct an orchestra

I hope she’s right

Poems © by Andrea R Huelsenbeck