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Valentangles 2022


Every year around this time, I post some heart-related tangles.

Last summer, I stopped practicing Zentangles in favor of drawing people. But after the ICAD (Index-Card-a-Day) challenge ended, I didn’t do much drawing at all. Whenever I stop Zentangling, I lose my skills, and I feel like I’m starting all over again. I’m dissatisfied with this first one, using the pattern Amer by Maria Vennekens:


Next is Triskel Heart, designed by Ina Sonnenmoser:

Triskel Heart

This is Heart Thread, designed by Dolly Bolen:

Heart Thread

Cross-Ur-Heart reminds me of a traditional appliqué pattern, which is why I repeated it like quilt blocks. The pattern was designed by Jenna Black:


I love “grid” designs. This one is by Helen Williams, and it’s called Hearts & Diamonds:

Hearts & Diamonds

Another grid pattern, SweetHeart, also by Helen Williams:


The next tile is a string of several patterns, including LG by Adele Bruner, Fan of Hearts by Rachel Foster, Luheart (I made a variation) by Chen Su Chun, Heart Wrap by Ina Sonnenmoser, Heart Thread by Dolly Bolen, and Heart wave by Helen Williams. This is my favorite in this group:

String with patterns LG, Fan of Hearts, LuHeart, Heart Thread, and Heart wave

If you read Creative Juice #280, you may have seen the Valentine tutorial. I tried it, but I didn’t like the colors of the Tombow markers I have (they’re skin tones, not perfect for hearts), so I tried alcohol markers. That technique doesn’t work with alcohol markers. So I substituted actual watercolor paints. My painting isn’t as cute as Smitha’s, but it was fun:


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Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you get to spend it with the one you love. If not, can you do something nice for another person who might be lonely?

Valentangles 2021


Every year around this time, my artwork focuses on the theme of hearts. Here are some of my tangled creations.

This heart is filled with sea waves, a pattern designed by Jinny Lu.

This next one is filled with frost flower by Karen Huen:

The next one is filled with walk the line by Chris Titus. As I was working on this, I expected it to come out looking like a double oval spiral; but instead, it looks sort of like angel wings. Happy accident:

I love grid patterns. Sometimes they look like quilt blocks to me; other times they look like tiles. This one is called heartangles by Vandana Krishna. I especially like the web design:

This heart is filled with another grid pattern, trellis by Alice Hendon:

The next one uses printemps, auras, stripes, and dots:

I used sprigs by Michele Beauchamp to form a heart:

And this one is my favorite. I adapted cosmic flower by Nicole Dreyer and shaped it into sort of a heart. To me it looks “hippy.”

If you’d like to see my Valentangles from previous years, here they are from 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017.

Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow, everyone. I hope you get to spend it with the one you love.



A few years ago I started a tradition of posting a bunch of Zentangle® valentines in February. Last year I thought I coined a new term: Valentangle. This year I discovered there has been a Valentangle challenge for several years already, so I didn’t invent the word.

I tried to join the Valentangle2020 Facebook group (in fact, I tried several times), but I never got approved. I don’t know if it was a glitch, or I missed a secret deadline, or they really don’t want me.

Anyway, I’m still calling these Valentangles.

This one uses the pattern Ixorus:


This one combines Snail and Florz:


This design is called Pepper. Doesn’t it look like a zebra?


This one uses the design Mistrel:


This one is filled with Double S:


This might be my personal favorite of the group. Drupe:


I am calling this one “Heart Attack”:


This one uses Puffle, Onamato, and Luv-A. Puffle reminds me of ribbon candy.


Which one do you like best? Vote in the comments.

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