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#dyicad2021 Day 31; #WorldWatercolorMonth Day 1


July 1st snuck up on me! I’m halfway through the Index-Card-a-Day challenge; July 1st is when I add watercolor to my cards so I can do double duty with World Watercolor Month. My intention was to continue to draw people (or parts of people) and just paint them, but the foot I was working on just wasn’t working out. I wanted to play with my paints! The prompt for WWM was reflection, and I’m just not up to trying that. The ICAD prompt was vine, so I went with that. One ICAD rule is that the artwork must be done on an index card–the idea is you use simple, inexpensive materials so that if you mess up, you’re not heartbroken that you wasted expensive paper and become too discouraged to continue. The only thing is, watercolors do not behave on index cards. So I cut up a sheet of inexpensive watercolor paper into six “cards” to paint on.

Day 31; Day 1

Wordless Wednesday / Flower of the Day: Cat’s Claw


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From the Creator’s Heart #189


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