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Sunday Trees: Palms and Others in Waikiki


Taken in 2012. Click on images to enlarge. Photos ©ARHuelsenbeck.

More Sunday Trees.

Two Tourists in Waikiki


I’m responding to my own prompt today.

Oahu June 20 2012 001

The view from our hotel room balcony.

We never go anywhere
Comfortable at home
With our familiar bed
And our reliable routine
But for a few years
Dreamed of visiting Hawaii

Finally off to the tourist mecca we go
A hotel across from the beach
ABC on every corner
Rainbow after every shower
Early morning plant waterers and sidewalk sweepers
Late night celebrators and walk-takers
Visible from our balcony

Take-out breakfast on the beach
Fresh pineapple and spam at McDonalds
Chocolate macadamia clusters
Purchased and consumed by the boxful
Souvenir shirts (t-shirt for me,
Hawaiian print for him) worn with pride

Studying history at Pearl Harbor
Rental car circumnavigating the island
Catamaran voyage to see the dolphins
Swimming with feet protected by aqua shoes
Favorite memories of a lifetime

Oahu June 25 2012 087

I made my husband pose next to this painted rock outside the Waikiki Aquarium.

Wordless Wednesday: Waikiki

Wordless Wednesday: Waikiki

Pulsating Pink

Pulsating Pink

In response to The Daily Post weekly Photo Challenge: Vibrant.

Oahu June 20 2012 012

In this picture from a vacation in Waikiki a few years ago, the pink just pops, doesn’t it?