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Creative Juice #331

Creative Juice #331

Bunches of quilts. A couple of poems. And more.

Creative Juice #306

Creative Juice #306

Things to admire, and things to try out.

OctPoWriMo2021 Day 17


Today’s prompt is celebrating milestones.

Wedding cake
Will There Be a 50th? 

Many years ago at church
on Valentine’s Day
the pastor asked all couples
who’d been married 50 years or longer
to stand.

You turned to me and said,
“That will be us one day.”

I did the math.
I’d be 71 years old.
Who wants to live that long?

And the harder question—
how do two people stay together
for a lifetime?

You’re a good man
but you’re far from perfect,
and you’ve made it clear that
I have my faults too.

So many couples we know
have fallen apart.
How have we managed to 
cling to one another?

That golden anniversary 
is only a couple years away now.
I know our fondness for each other
is as strong as ever,
but will we live that long?


Creative Juice #177

Creative Juice #177

The Valentine’s Day edition of CJ. Wishing you lots of love.

Creative Juice #130

Creative Juice #130

Beautiful things to admire or make.

  1. Fish made out of junk.
  2. Winter in beautiful Romania.
  3. Oscars fashions from years back.
  4. Beautiful Zentangles.
  5. Quilt tutorial: Teresa Down Under teaches how to make Delectable Mountain blocks and how to arrange them to create different kinds of quilts.
  6. What matters most to an artist?
  7. Like donuts? Wonderful watercolor tutorial.
  8. Your cat needs a ladder.
  9. Mardi Gras, but different.
  10. El Alto’s architecture is over the top.
  11. Free quilt patterns to make for St. Patrick’s Day. (Well, maybe for next Patrick’s Day!)
  12. These beautiful wedding dresses and bridal head dresses almost make me want to get married all over again.