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Women’s Fiction Contest Alert

Women’s Fiction Contest Alert

Writers of women’s fiction, you have until February 9, 2016 to enter the 21st “Dear Lucky Agent” contest. Click here for full details. Be sure to read all the directions carefully, because there are very specific hoops to jump through, including sharing info about the contest on social media.girl-running-in-dark

Why bother? Because the judge is Elizabeth Winick Rubinstein, president and senior agent at MacIntosh and Otis. Who knows? If your first 250 words are brilliant and you win the critique of your first 10 pages and she loves it, maybe she’ll ask to see the rest of your novel, and if it has the potential to be the next bestseller, maybe she’ll want to represent you. Why pass up an opportunity to put your work in her hands?

I’m submitting my 2015 NaNoWriMo novel, The Night Runner.