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ICAD2019: Week 7


In preparing to make make my cards this week (I’m participating in the Index-Card-a-Day challenge and also in World Watercolor Month), I watched lots of watercolor tutorials on YouTube.

For Day 43, I returned to a guest post that appeared on ARHtistic License a few years ago. My attempt at watercolor flower doodles then was so bad I didn’t post it. But I tried again and I think this one is pretty respectable:


For Day 44, I watched another tree tutorial and came up with this:


Day 45’s effort is my favorite for the week. It was inspired by another tutorial:


For Day 46, I chose a picture from Pinterest and painted a simplified version:

And, of course, you knew I’d get around to drawing a unicorn. Day 47 (inspired by The Unicorn in Captivity):


The prompt for World Watercolor Month Day 18 was Clouds. Here’s my attempt for ICAD Day 48:


And the prompt for World Watercolor Month Day 19 was Splashes of Color. Unfortunately, I could not paint what was in my mind’s eye. Mine looks more like Splotches of Color.


Anyhow, I attempted a couple of things out of my comfort zone. These challenges are about having fun and being intentional about making art. No worries.