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The 100 Day Project Part II

The 100 Day Project Part II

I’m participating in a few art challenges right now. I joined  The 100 Day Project with the Facebook group, Zentangle All Around. From April 3 to May 31, I spent 15 minutes a day tangling for The Project. Since I don’t always complete a design in 15 minutes, some of mine are spread over multiple days. We post on Instagram. Check out these hashtags: #the100dayproject and #zentangleallaround. Some of my 100 Day Project pieces were done for weekly zentangle challenges as well. My first group of tangles for the 100 Day Project are here.

The last tile in the above-mentioned post was in-progress. Here’s how it looked the next day:


And here is the completed string, featuring the patterns (top to bottom) Static, Framz, Facets, Storybrooke, and Pooma.


For the It’s a String Thing challenge #241, featuring patterns Mumsy and Caracole. (By the way, you can click on any smaller image to enlarge it.)

For the Diva Challenge #362, featuring patterns Somnee, Meshmerize, and Atorm:


For IAST#242 featuring Pixioze, Pots-n-Pans variation, and 4Mom:



Tangle pattern Gommi:


For IAST#243, a zenbutton featuring Button, Tonga, and Soul Star:


For IAST#244, an Auraknot star against a reverse Log Cabin background:

In my sketchbook:


For DC#364 featuring Puf:


On June 1 the Daisy Yellow Index-Card-a-Day challenge started. Because I always seem to default to Zentangle, which I love, I’m not getting any practice making illustrations, which is a goal of mine; so I decided my ICAD projects will be animals.

The 100 Day Project continues through July 11, but the ICAD challenge runs until July 31. Also, July is World Watercolor Month, so my July ICADs will all be watercolors.

Installment III of my 100 Day Project offering will be posted on July 7.

What about you? Are you participating in any art challenges? Reply in the comments below. Feel free to include links to where your artwork is posted online (G-rated only, please).



#DC364 Puf


Doing triple duty tonight. For The 100 Day Project via Zentangle All Around and the Diva Challenge. The Zentangle pattern Puf can be done a number of ways. Here are a couple of practice tries from my sketchbook:

And here is my tile for the challenge, with Puf done on in square, triangular, and rectangular grids:


The 100 Day Project Part I

The 100 Day Project Part I

I’ve mentioned that I’m participating in The 100 Day Project with the Facebook group, Zentangle All Around. The Project runs from April 3 to July 11, which means it will also intersect with two other art challenges I participate in. But more about that later.

Zentangle All Around is spending 15 minutes a day tangling for The Project. I don’t always complete a design in 15 minutes, so some of mine are spread over three days. We post on Instagram. Check out these hashtags: #the100dayproject and #zentangleallaround.

Sigh. I missed a few days.

Here are my offerings for April:

Patterns Pickpocket and Raised.

Patterns Maelstrom, Tofube, and Paradox.

Pattern Mack.


A pointillist experiment.

Patterns Shattuck and Tripoli.

The start of a string. Pattern: cubine.


Practicing a new (to me) pattern.


The finished string, with Flukes and Elirob added.


The beginning of a new string. The pattern is Framz.

I’ll post the next batch of my 100 Day Project artworks on June 9.


#DC360: Shattuck vs. Tripoli

#DC360: Shattuck vs. Tripoli

My offering for this week’s Diva Challenge using the two patterns Shattuck and Tripoli. I have an in-progress photo, because I’m participating in The 100 Day Project by tangling for 15 minutes every day (okay, some days) with the Zentangle All Around Facebook group.



#DC359: String Theory/ Finger Stringer


This week’s Diva Challenge is to trace your fingers (see my peace sign/V for victory?) and use the outline to create a string to tangle around. I used the patterns Maelstrom, Tofube, and Paradox.


And because the Zentangle All Around Group is tangling for 15 minutes a day during The 100 Day Project, I have a few in-progress pictures.

#DC358 Pickpocket


Zentangle All Around, a Facebook group I’m a member of, is participating in The 100 Day Challenge. We are tangling (working on a zentangle design) for fifteen minutes every day from April 3 –  July 11, 2018 and posting our results on Instagram.

I spent the first three days of the challenge working on another challenge, this week’s Diva Challenge, using the tangle design Pickpocket. I added Raised as a border around two sides.


Thanks to the 100 Day Project, I have in-progress photos.


If you can, check out some of the other participants on Instagram and I Am the Diva.

Recent Zentangles


Here are my most recent tangles:

Below, several variations of the pattern Chainlea.


Sonnenband reminds me of an Art Deco design:




Below: Mak-rah-may. I turned this into an anniversary card for my hubby. We’ve been married 44 years.


For Diva Challenge #346. Phicops and Huggins:




A string made by tracing found objects:


And the string tangled:


Another LitBee Variation


I tangled a “holly” variation of this design on Friday; this one suggests snowflakes to me, if you can overlook that they have four points instead of six. For my Christmas series.


Friday Tangles: LitBee Variation


I participated in the Friday Tangles challenge on Zentangle All Around, and came up with a variation of LitBee. See my holly? I’ve got Christmas on the brain.


Today’s Tangle


Using patterns brayd, purrlyz, munchin, and luv-a.IMG_0205