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Creative Juice #209

Creative Juice #209

Some interesting stuff; some funny stuff; some deep stuff.

  • This one’s a little hard to look at. A sculptor made prosthetic masks for soldiers disfigured in World War I.
  • Can you stand any more Covid-19 jokes?
  • Many variations on the tangle Printemps.
  • How to machine-quilt a border with an S-curve ruler.
  • A prayer from 1968 that is so timely today.
  • Do you have books you read and reread multiple times? Me, too.
  • What if they had texting in Medieval times?
  • The truth about Meissen porcelain.
  • A professional watercolorist’s life.
  • Spiritual director Marsha Crockett’s journal provides guided meditations and contemplative helps. You can also follow her on Instagram.
  • One of my favorite artists painted a lovely portrait of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and paired it with a poetic tribute.
  • I’ve read some of these books (and they were great) and seen rave reviews of others. Anyway, if you don’t know what to read next, maybe pick something off this list.

Creative Juice #208

Creative Juice #208

The sublime and the ridiculous, all worthy of your consideration:

Creative Juice #207

Creative Juice #207

Excellence in creativity:

  • A wonderful quilt show from a few years ago.
  • Zentangle meets lettering.
  • More than 40 years ago, my hubby and I used to scuba dive. The most exciting things we ever saw underwater were lobster, which Greg captured and we took home to eat. Click on the link to see some even more awesome sights.
  • Cleaning out Grandpa’s house? Don’t you dare toss those old snapshots without looking at them.
  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen these Picassos before. They are not what I would have expected.
  • The writers will get this.
  • They don’t make cars like this anymore.
  • I enjoy this artist’s Instagram page.
  • I wish I’d sketched my kids when they were small. How precious those pictures would be.
  • If you like a little science or technology with your romance, you might like these books.
  • You’ve never seen insects fly like this.
  • Are tiles low art?

Creative Juice #206

Creative Juice #206

Great inspiration for your creativity this weekend:

Six More Pages of Zentangle® Designs


I’m still working on my Zen-untangled notebook, though other members of our group have gone on to bigger and better things. I’m determined I will finish this assignment. Here is what I’ve accomplished from May until now:

During June and July, my artistic efforts went toward the Index-Card-a-Day challenge, so these six pages really only represent two months of work.

Some of these samples are more successful than others; I confess, I was looking for the easier designs so I could fill my book quicker, without having to practice them too much. Some really could have used more practice. I am happy to be doing this exercise; the book will serve as a convenient reference for me.

Creative Juice #205

Creative Juice #205

Lots of pretty stuff here.

  • Do you love hamsters? Then you must follow this artist on Instagram.
  • If 100 of you each want to chip in $4 to buy me this dragon, I won’t stop you.
  • Beautiful star quilt.
  • Books have the power to change people; people have the power to change the world. As for me, The Hate U Give woke me up to white privilege, something I thought didn’t apply to me.
  • Super-realistic drawings done in colored pencil.
  • I love every one of these reading nooks, but my favorites are the ones where you can look out the window at a beautiful view.
  • Interesting zentangle project.
  • Award-winning photos people took with their iPhones.
  • This free mandala-drawing class looks like it will be fun.
  • This article is especially for elementary general music teachers, but if you like music, you might find it very enjoyable.
  • I know I should be doing this. But, somehow, I’m not.
  • This watercolor artist was in her fifties before she began taking her art seriously.

Creative Juice #204

Creative Juice #204


Interesting stuff this week:

Creative Juice #203

Creative Juice #203


Beautiful things to look at, and ideas that will help you boost your own creativity.

  • Sculptures made from discarded metal.
  • Murals that incorporate their surroundings.
  • A clue may shed light on Vincent Van Gogh’s last days.
  • The hundred best books of the last twenty years. I’ve read maybe ten of these; they were all good except for one which I can’t remember. One more is in my TBR pile. Most of these I’ve never even heard of.
  • I love this artist’s Instagram page.
  • Rebellious nuns.
  • Are you living the dream? Why not?
  • A little city of zentangled architecture.
  • Free summer-themed quilt patterns.
  • Wonderful photos of scenes in Saigon—and each one includes at least one motorbike.
  • I have long loved Grant Snider’s Incidental Comics. This article explains his process for a recent book cover he illustrated.
  • Admit it—you’ve been thinking about starting your own podcast. How hard is it, really? Read this article to find out.

Creative Juice #202

Creative Juice #202


Wow! Creative stuff this week.

Creative Juice #200

Creative Juice #200

Beautiful stuff to look at:

  1. Zenbutton technique.
  2. Awesome murals.
  3. Drawing ideas for kids of any age.
  4. Dads at their daughters’ weddings.
  5. The hardest part of writing. Yep.
  6. Have you always wanted to paint a mural in downtown Phoenix? Here’s your chance.
  7. It’s never too late to learn to paint.
  8. Things to see (from a distance) in Austin.
  9. My friend, artist Vesna Taneva-Miller, has one of the most eclectic Instagram pages I’ve ever seen.
  10. Who says you have to use a pen or pencil to draw?
  11. A reading list of classics by Black authors.
  12. Go to Egypt and tour Ramesses VI’s tomb—virtually.