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Creative Juice #85

Creative Juice #85

Inspiration for creative folks:


10 Best Zentangle Sites on the Web

10 Best Zentangle Sites on the Web

If you’re a follower of ARHtistic License, you know that Zentangle is my favorite visual art activity. The repetitive patterns with their simple complexity captivate me.

I get my Zentangle inspiration from the many Zentangle websites and blogs on the web. Here are my favorites (therefore, the best):

  • Zentangle.com is the official site of Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, who initiated Zentangle. Read their story.
  • The Creator’s Leaf is the blog of CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) Alice Hendon. Alice also moderates the Zentangle All Around group on Facebook, of which I am a member. I love her work.
  • Tanglepatterns.com is the blog of CZT Linda Farmer. It is a catalog of patterns and step-outs (directions).
  • I Am the Diva is the blog of CZT Laura Harms. Every week she runs the Diva Challenge.
  • Life Imitates Doodles isn’t limited to Zentangle, but it is an excellent tangling resource. On Mondays and Saturdays, the author lists challenges, tutorials, and giveaways. Other days she posts her artwork or reviews art supplies.
  • Enthusiastic Artist is the blog of CZT Margaret Bremmer. Her beautiful designs are inspiring.
  • Beez in the Belfry is the blog of CZT Sandy Steen Bartholomew. I love her work. I have one of her books, Totally Tangled.
  • Lily’s Tangles contains the beautifully detailed work of artist Lily M.
  • YouTube is a source for thousands of Zentangle tutorials.
  • Pinterest is also a great source of patterns. May I suggest three of my own boards: Zentangle, Zentangle Christmas, and Zentangle Valentines.IMG_0278

Have I left out any of your favorite Zentangle sites? Please share in the comments below.

Creative Juice #84

Creative Juice #84

A dozen articles to amaze and inspire you.

#DC353 Heart Quarter Mandala


This week’s Diva Challenge was to make a make a zendala using a heart string. To be honest, I can’t see the heart in Laura’s example. (I’m sure that’s my problem, not hers.)

I chose to make a quarter mandala rather than a full one. Can you see my heart string? (I’m not talking about the quarter-circle line of little hearts.) Patterns used are Joust, Cirque, Lupe, and Locomotile. (A shout-out to Alice Hendon of the Zentangle All Around group on Facebook, who challenged us to try these patterns this week.)


#DC352 Heart Within a Heart


My offering for this week’s Diva Challenge: the prompt is to tangle nested hearts. I also wanted to explore the possibility of a heart-shaped mandala. What I learned: the severe corners and points of a heart can cause crazy distortion. Patterns used: Nipa (variation), Flux, Dutch hourglass, Quipple.


Creative Juice #82

Creative Juice #82

Good stuff to read this weekend. Inspire yourself!

My Funny Valentines


In the last few weeks, most of my artwork has been valentine-related.

First though, here are some valentines I drew last year.

This year’s valentines use a variety of techniques, mostly zentangle or doodling.






Creative Juice #80

Creative Juice #80

A baker’s dozen of beautiful things to inspire you:

#DC350 Rimana Heart String


For this week’s Diva Challenge:


Recent Zentangles


Here are my most recent tangles:

Below, several variations of the pattern Chainlea.


Sonnenband reminds me of an Art Deco design:




Below: Mak-rah-may. I turned this into an anniversary card for my hubby. We’ve been married 44 years.


For Diva Challenge #346. Phicops and Huggins:




A string made by tracing found objects:


And the string tangled: