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#DC385: Valentangle


This week’s Diva Challenge is to tangle something inspired by Valentine’s Day. I studied Chen Sin Chun’s lovely pattern, Peacock, and wondered if I could create something like it, but starting with a heart. Here is what I came up with:

#DC385, Zentangle, #HeartEcho

I’m calling it HeartEcho.

You can see my other Zentangle Valentines here.

Happy Valen-Tangles Day to You


Starting in late January, I begin to think about hearts for Valentine’s Day when I work on my Zentangle creations. Here’s what I came up with for this year.

This was for the Diva Challenge #382. The patterns used were Heart Rope, Heart N Half with Luv-a, Stribations, and Heart Offset:


Below is Dot Grid:


And the featured pattern in this heart is Biscus. I like the shattered mirror effect:


I made this for Diva Challenge #384. The patterns are Anthem, Heart Rope, and Fescu:


I drew Heart N Half around the edges of the larger heart:


This tile features Heartswell with Kiss in the background:


And, finally, a heart with Leashed Hart around the edges:


My favorite of these is the next-to-last one with Heartswell. Which do you like best?

If you’d like to see my past Valentine designs, click here for 2018 and here for 2017.

#DC384: Anthem


I drew the Diva Challenge featured tangle, Anthem, and added a little Valentine love with Heartrope and filled in with Fescu. I used a brush marker from a set my son Andy gave me a year ago for the background.


Creative Juice #126

Creative Juice #126

Oops! I neglected to post some Creative Juice last Friday. I hope this wonderful batch more than makes up for it.

#DC383: Ratoon


This week’s Diva Challenge is to try a new design by Molly Hollibaugh, Ratoon. I like the over-and-under woven look of it.


#DC382: Stripe String


I’m actually combining two Diva challenges, this week‘s and last week‘s, because I wanted to do both and didn’t get around to it. I’m using brand new gelly roll pens that I bought with the money my dear brother Bill sent me for Christmas (Thank you, Bill!) and I used some designs that were featured on Tangle All Around in the last couple of weeks: Heartrope, Heart N Half (with Luv-a), Stribations, and Heart Offset, with varied levels of success. I really like Heartrope and the Heart N Half/Luv-a combo.

Creative Juice #124

Creative Juice #124

Great ideas to get your creative mojo going this weekend.

  1. Two quilt shows.
  2. Cuba in photographs.
  3. Beautiful paintings and drawings by David Harrison.
  4. Lovely tangles.
  5. Paper creatures.
  6. I don’t understand all these artsy apps, but they’re cool.
  7. Reading aloud to older children is beneficial, too.
  8. The stuff at thrift stores just keeps getting better.
  9. Stephen King takes a stand in favor of book reviews in the local newspaper, and his fans support him—and subscribe to the newspaper.
  10. Design trends for 2019.
  11. Photos of forest fauna in Finland.
  12. When life gives you snow, make a snow sculpture.