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Six More Pages of Zentangle® Designs


I’m still working on my Zen-untangled notebook, though other members of our group have gone on to bigger and better things. I’m determined I will finish this assignment. Here is what I’ve accomplished from May until now:

During June and July, my artistic efforts went toward the Index-Card-a-Day challenge, so these six pages really only represent two months of work.

Some of these samples are more successful than others; I confess, I was looking for the easier designs so I could fill my book quicker, without having to practice them too much. Some really could have used more practice. I am happy to be doing this exercise; the book will serve as a convenient reference for me.

Inktober Day 6


I am participating in two challenges this month, OctPoWriMo and Inktober. To make it easier on myself, I’m trying to write a new poem on odd-numbered days and make a drawing on even-numbered days.

I miss doing Zentangle, so I decided to follow the Inktober prompts that my Facebook Zentangle group, Tangle All Around, is using. kuba; Zentangle; Inktober

I’m too embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to finish this.