design by Kristin Gallant

design by Kristin Gallant

Encourage means to impart courage.

The goal of ARHtistic License is to encourage and inspire people to create.

ARHtistic License gives you permission to experiment with your art.

ARHtistic License is a source of practical advice for creative people.

ARHtistic License is a place where artists in all genres can connect.

Be part of the dialog! Add your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below each post. (Note: you will be prompted to “sign in.” Signing in simplifies the process of securely responding to posts, here and on any other WordPress family blog.)

I invite you to visit ARHtistic License regularly. New articles related to the arts or the creative process appear Tuesdays and Saturdays. On Sundays, drop by for a passage of Scripture in From the Creator’s Heart. On Mondays, check out Monday Morning Wisdom, a quote related to creativity or life in general. On Wordless Wednesdays I share a photograph (or two or three). On Thursdays, view the Video of the Week. And on Fridays I post a list of articles to get your juices flowing in Creative Juice.

And visit Doing Life Together and A Writer’s Path, other blogs I contribute to.

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