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Creative Juice #242

Creative Juice #242

Awesomely inspiring stuff this week.

Guest Post: Why Writers Should Have YouTube Channels, by Web Design Relief


This article has been reprinted with the permission of Web Design Relief.  Whether you’re just starting out or a best-selling author, Web Design Relief will improve your existing website or build you an affordable, custom author website to support your author platform, boost your online presence, and act as a hub for your social media outreach. Web Design Relief is a division of Writer’s Relief, a highly recommended author’s submission service. Sign up for their free e-publication for writers, Submit Write Now! Visit the site today to learn more.

As a writer, you may think YouTube isn’t a worthwhile platform for reaching out to your readers and building an audience. Think again—your readers love to watch videos! The media experts at Web Design Relief know that YouTube has over a billion users, and it’s currently the second most popular platform after Facebook. Here are more reasons why writers should have YouTube channels.

Why More Writers Are Creating YouTube Channels

More Exposure: The more times you show up in an Internet search, the better! Along with your social media platforms and author website, having a YouTube channel helps you reach a wider audience and makes you more findable by literary agents and editors. Since YouTube is owned by Google, it also sends traffic to YouTube channels. If a potential new reader conducts an online search for your topics or writing style, Google will display your YouTube channel in the search results. Be sure to keep your content fresh and interesting so visitors to your channel choose to become subscribers! Here are innovative ways to increase your visibility on YouTube.

Better Engagement: Readers who visit your YouTube channel are actively searching for your specific type of content, so your videos will command more of their attention and generate more responses and interaction. Plus, unlike posts on social media that can be buried under other posts and lost forever, YouTube videos will always pop up in a search if the topic is relevant. Visitors who watch your videos are obviously interested in you and your writing, so asking your YouTube audience to sign up for your e-mail list or newsletter is another great way to connect and grow your fan base.

Increased Readership. If you provide quality content on a consistent basis, your regular readers will be delighted with your channel and new readers who browsed in for one topic may stay and watch your other videos. Visitors who enjoy your content and subscribe to your channel will receive notifications whenever you post new content. Viewers who watch your YouTube channel are more likely to share your content with other booklovers and literature fans, bringing you and your writing to the attention of new readers—and potential new subscribers!

Joining Is Free: There’s no cost to create your YouTube channel and start posting videos. You can build your readership, become more visible in online searches, and engage your followers without spending lots of your hard-earned cash. YouTube does offer the option to purchase ads, but it’s not necessary to pay to play.

Bonus: Once you develop a substantial following on your YouTube channel, you can choose to monetize your videos so they can generate income for you! And while making a living from YouTubing is rare, you may bring in enough money to buy that new journal you’ve had your eye on.

YouTube Videos Can Be Reused: You can take the videos you create for your YouTube channel and embed them on your author website and into blog articles, as well as feature the videos on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Since videos are popular on social media platforms, you’ll capture your followers’ attention more effectively in their feeds.

A YouTube channel is a great way to connect with your audience and grow your following. And you don’t need to have expensive video equipment or expert camera skills to get started! You can read some of your published work, answer questions about your writing process, give writing tips and advice, and much more. It’s a great way to stand out and be noticed!

Question: Which authors do you follow on YouTube?

Video of the Week #305: If You Haven’t Read or Seen This Yet, You Must.


Wordless Wednesday/ Flower of the Day: One Perfect Vinca



Smell the Roses

Smell the Roses

Sunday, for Mother’s Day, my daughter Katie suggested we visit the Rose Garden at Mesa Community College. We’ve gone there together before, and it’s always fun to photograph and enjoy the 9,000 rose bushes. We made it about halfway through the five-acre garden.

We were there from about 11:00 until 12:15. Although it was a bright, sunny day, some parts of the garden are shady. The blooms ranged from closed buds to full-blown blossoms and everywhere in between. This time I was most attracted to the orangey roses (several different varieties), so that’s why they’re so over-represented in the photographs below. If you want to see more colors, click on the link in the paragraph above.

If you look closely, you may discover a visitor or two.

I have no idea what this lovely tree is. Do you know?
This structure is a bus stop.
The mask around my neck will remind me this was taken toward the end (please!) of the pandemic. Don’t worry, we’re both vaccinated. Photo by Katie Huelsenbeck

I’m also counting this post as a Flower-of-the-Day entry.

Monday Morning Wisdom #309

Monday Morning Wisdom #309

“The most important things to remember about back story are that (a) everyone has a history and (b) most of it isn’t very interesting.”
—Stephen King

From the Creator’s Heart #306



As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you, and you will be comforted over Jerusalem (Isaiah 66:13).

Surfboard Art


In 2012, Greg and I went to Waikiki for a week. This was the view from our hotel room balcony.

Yes. Best. Vacation. Ever.

Although we didn’t surf, there were surfboards everywhere.

For rent

Even at Burger King.

Burger King5_4159746119823_156128234_n

And in McDonald’s.


We often bought our breakfast at McDonald’s and took it across the street to the beach to eat, because fresh pineapple was on the menu, and I wanted it almost every day. (They also served SPAM, but we did not order it.)

Recently, the good people at sent me an email featuring surfboard-related art. The pictures brought back memories of Hawaii and the wonderful time we had there. So I am sharing some of the beautiful stuff that’s available. Maybe you’ll see something you want. (I do not make any money on this; just sharing the joy.) Click on the link below each picture for more information. These are not actual, usable-in-the-ocean surfboards, but art. Be sure to read the descriptions carefully; some look full-size, but are actually miniature.

Your kid needs a surfboard with his name on it for his room.
Or maybe your family needs one.
Or your business.
Surfer Girl
Or your Surfer Girl.
Beach bums
Or your Beach Bum.
Teal and green.
Monstera leaf
Monstera leaf.
Laser-cut Plumeria.
12 inch resin
12-inch Resin.
Art Print
Art print.
Printable wall art
Printable posters. You download these and print at home, or put on a flash drive and bring to your local print shop.

Which are your favorites? I think the ones I would be most willing to buy are the printable posters, if I can just decide where I want to hang them.

Creative Juice #241

Creative Juice #241

Mentally stimulating. Inspiring. Lovely to look at.

Kammie’s Oddball Challenge: Bricks


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