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#DC364 Puf


Doing triple duty tonight. For The 100 Day Project via Zentangle All Around and the Diva Challenge. The Zentangle pattern Puf can be done a number of ways. Here are a couple of practice tries from my sketchbook:

And here is my tile for the challenge, with Puf done on in square, triangular, and rectangular grids:




DSC02651In response to the very last Daily Post Photo Challenge.

To help photographers get over prompt withdrawal, during the month of June ARHtistic License will be posting its own daily prompt that can be interpreted in any art.

Guest Post: The History of Rock by Donna of My OBT


Thank you to the incomparable Donna from My OBT, whose mission is to provide us with one beautiful thing every day.


A History of Rock in 15 minutes: 348 rockstars, 84 guitarists, 64 songs, 44 drummers, 1 mashup

Today’s beautiful thing is a brilliantly-done mashup offering up a (partial) history of rock and roll music. The brainchild of Ithaca Audio, the video uses an invented (and inventive) Facebook feed to tell the story.

Of course, we could argue endlessly about the inclusion – and exclusion – of certain songs and artists, but it’s a very tidy and intriguing package as is. Here’s the filmmakers’ very thoughtful response to viewers’ comments about the songs included:

To read the rest of the article and view the video, click here.

Video of the Week: Egad! ICAD!

Video of the Week: Egad! ICAD!

I will be participating in the Index-Card-a-Day Challenge again this year, overlapping with The 100 Day Project, but not until Monday. (Friday through Sunday I’ll be on a writers’ retreat, and I’ll be focusing on correcting the plot holes in my manuscript The Unicornologist.) This year I’d like to draw animals for ICAD.

Will you be doing ICAD this year?


Wordless Wednesday/ Flower of the Day: Pomegranate Blossoms


Pomegranate blossoms

Pomegranate blossom

Doing double duty with Cee’s Flower of the Day today.

The Bully in the Porcelain Shoppe


In response to The Daily Post prompt: juxtapose.

China shop alexandre-valdivia-524265-unsplash.jpg

He steps inside and pirouettes,
Gracefully circling the displays
Of fragile pyramids of china ballerinas
And stacks of orange-haired clowns balanced on one another’s outstretched hands.

One false move and the monumental constructions
Could collapse in a crash of carnival catastrophe.
The possibility prompts him to tremble with anticipation.
Who could fault him for losing his balance
On a stray banana peel?

Can he exercise the discipline of the dancer?
Or will he play the clown
Reveling in the destruction of the perfectly engineered showcase?
Leave now! Don’t even imagine the thrilling downfall of everything dainty…

Too late—an errant elbow moves of its own accord.
Chaos ensues.

Lang Lang

Lang Lang

Lang Lang was born on June 14, 1982 in China. He began piano lessons at age three and performed his first public recital at age five, when he won first place in the Shenyang Piano Competition, the first of many competitions he would win.

When Lang was 15, his father took him to America, where he began studying at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. In a couple of years, he took the classical music scene by storm with his exuberant, highly emotional performance style. If you watch his facial expressions, his enjoyment of his own playing seems almost obscene. And maybe rightly so. His phrasing is sumptuous, his technique unassailable.

The BBC did a documentary on Lang Lang’s life:

Lang Lang is also committed to teaching. I love how he interacts with young Ricky Kam:

You can even watch a series of short lessons Lang Lang has posted on YouTube.

Photo credit: World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2010 Davos (cropped) used under World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2010 Davos (cropped) Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic license

Monday Morning Wisdom #156





In response to today’s Daily Post prompt.


photo by Robert Hooft


I wanted the success,
But did I want the fame?
I dreamed people would love my work,
Then be delighted to discover I was the author.
Can’t I be famously anonymous?
Enjoy my royalties without having to take selfies with strangers,
Pretending to be intimately acquainted?
Could I just be paid now,
And schedule my fifteen minutes after I’m gone?

From the Creator’s Heart #152


Image 5-1-18 at 2.50 PM