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Have you ever read a sentence so beautifully written that you wanted to keep it for reference, to enjoy it again and again? I’m going to start saving sentences here.

He sauntered in, pulled me out of my chair, and planted a kiss on me that melted my pantyhose. Good Lord, could that man kiss. ~Diane Burton, The Case of the Meddling Mama

I slam the brakes and an opera of horns finds quick harmony behind us. ~Brad Meltzer in The Inner Circle

I couldn’t believe that such ancient beauty existed in the desolation of my world. Did men build the Angkor Wat temple or did the gods create it themselves? It was hard to imagine that humans were capable of creating something this beautiful, magnificent and of a magnitude beyond comprehension, because all I had seen and experienced so far were death and destruction—men were the destroyers of youth and innocence and killers of future and dreams. ~Jennifer H. Lau in Beautiful Hero: How We Survived the Khmer Rouge


He grinned at me, his face flushed all the way up to his hairline, which had receded almost to the back of his head. There was no comb-over, just a cul-de-sac head of hair. —Kelly Wilson, in Caskets from Costco.

It’s teatime and all the dolls are at the table. Listen.–Anne Lamott on characterization in Bird by Bird

As she crossed the river, a rumor of sunshine stood behind the clouds.–The Book Thief by Markus Zuzak, p. 472.

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