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Wordless Wednesday: Cactus


ICAD2022 Day 28


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More Wonderful Quilting Blogs and Sites

More Wonderful Quilting Blogs and Sites

Way back in 2018 I posted a list of my 12 favorite quilting sites. I still stand by my choices. Some have not been active lately, but you can still find lots of awesome articles and quilt photos on them.

But, four years later, I’ve come across at least eight other blogs and websites that I love just as much. Have you seen these?

  • Quilting Is My Therapy. Angela Walters believes even you can do free motion quilting. In fact, she has designed multiple challenges and produced many video tutorials to help you become the quilter of your dreams.
  • All People Quilt is the website of American Patchwork and Quilting magazine. You can sign up for their email newsletter, which contains links to hundreds of quilt patterns, most of which are free.
  • Frances Quilts. I’ve posted about Frances Arnold in the past, and if you follow my Creative Juice feature on Fridays, you’ve seen much of Frances’ work over the last few years. She has also created free quilting challenges and quilt patterns.
  • Quilty Folk. Audrey always has a bunch of quilts in-progress. I love seeing them at different stages, and I am always blown away by the finishes.
  • Crazy Quilter on a Bike. As you can tell from the name of this chock full o’ beautiful quilts blog, Elaine, the author, is also whimsical.
  • From My Carolina Home. Carole is a girl after my own heart. She not only quilts, but she loves other creative pastimes as well.
  • Chopin—A Passionate Quilter From Texas. Nanette makes lots of beautiful quilts.
  • Quilting Daily. I’ve just signed up to follow this website, and I haven’t fully explored it yet. Much of the content requires a subscription, but there is a lot to see.

Quilters, now it’s your turn. Do you like a quilting blog or website that is not on either of my lists? Or do you blog about quilting? Leave a link in the comments below.

ICAD2022 Day 27


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Monday Morning Wisdom #368

Monday Morning Wisdom #368

Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length.

~Robert Frost

ICAD2022 Day 26


Oh no. I’ve missed too many days. I wanted to get through the alphabet by the end of June. I’m going to have to double and triple up.


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Flower of the Day: Prickly Pear Blossom with Friend

Prickly Pear Blossom with Friend

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From the Creator’s Heart #363

Psalm 23:4

Hunting Hummingbirds


In May, a friend of mine posted several wonderful photos of hummingbirds (I don’t know if you’ll be able to see it if you’re not his friend) on Facebook that he had taken at the Hummingbird Habitat in Desert Breeze Park. I’ve been dying to go out there and try to capture some with my camera. I had gone a couple of years ago with no luck.

I often see hummers flitting around the backyard when I take Ralph out first thing in the morning. But I never have my good camera handy at that time.

Thursday was my first chance to go to the park. I tried to get out there early, but it was already 9:30 and 90 degrees when I left the house. Hummingbirds prefer to do their foraging early in the morning or late in the afternoon when it isn’t so hot.

I forgot that there’s a waterfall and a pool of water lilies at the Hummingbird Habitat.


Did you notice the two dragonflies near the lower left corner above? That’s the first time I’ve ever been able to photograph them. They’re fast.

water lilies

There are all sorts of interesting plants in the garden.

red yucca
Red yucca
century plant
Century plant. This flower spike is about 30 feet tall.

There’s a tall tree sculpture in the center of the garden.

Tree sculpture

And, of course, lots of real trees. In one spot, they formed a canopy above the path. That shaded area was about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the garden.

Shady path

I wandered through the habitat looking for hummingbirds. I saw some other birds.

unidentified bird
I don’t know what kind of bird this is. I’d like to say mockingbird, except it was only singing one song. Usually mockingbirds run through a whole repertoire.
pigeon or mourning dove
I’m not sure whether this is a pigeon or a mourning dove.
Gecko sunning
I believe that’s a gecko on the top of this rock.

I finally did see one hummingbird, though I didn’t even get a good enough look at him to be able to tell what type. It was so hard to get a picture of him. He kept flitting about within a tree, and I couldn’t focus on him. My camera insisted on focusing on the leaves and blurring him out. I managed to get a few half-decent shots . . .


. . . but when I finally got my zoom lens focused in, he was done for the day. I never saw him again, even though I hung around and searched for another half hour.

Oh well. Maybe next time.

Flower of the Day: Oleander


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