Favorite Memes of 2018

Favorite Memes of 2018

Every Friday I share a meme on ARHtistic License. I used to post memes I found on Twitter or Facebook, but I couldn’t always credit them to the creator. In 2016 I decided to make my own. I still post memes I find on social media, but only if the source is easily discernible.

Continuing a tradition I started last year, here are my favorite memes of 2018. The first three have to do with the arts in a general way:

Art for Art's Sake

Persistence; perseverance

Joy of Creativity

The next group specifically relates to writing:



Author, writing

Unique story

The final group of memes illustrate truths about life:

Head above water

A photo by Andrew Small. unsplash.com/photos/EfhCUc_fjrU


Marriage rachael-crowe-78854-unsplash

Positive Failure

Monday Morning Wisdom # 185



From the Creator’s Heart #181


Image 10-4-18 at 1.40 PM

Video of the Day: The Christmas Story Told Through Rocks


To learn more about the art of Patti Rokus, and for more information about her book, click here.

#DC379: Holidaze


This week’s Diva Challenge is to create a holiday tile. Here’s mine:


Creative Juice #119

Creative Juice #119

Beautiful stuff to inspire you to greater creativity. Get out there and make some art, people.

  1. Sand sculptures.
  2. For the cat lovers.
  3. Quilt show-and-tell.
  4. Beautiful tangles from all over the world, same theme.
  5. The 100 books of 2018 that the New York Times considers notable.
  6. Aachen Cathedral and the wardrobe of Mary.
  7. Crease. Fold. Color.
  8. Favorite recipes. Lovely servingware.
  9. Gorgeous laser-cut light displays.
  10. Prize-winning photography.
  11. Artwork available as prints, posters, shirts, and skateboards.
  12. An artist’s tribute to her dad. (You’ll need a hanky for this one.)

In the Meme Time: Description POV


Character's POV