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Wordless Wednesday: Our Little Rudi



12 Worst Blogging Mistakes

12 Worst Blogging Mistakes

I read a lot of blogs. I follow nearly 300, and I check out new blogs all the time. If you follow me or you’ve left a comment on ARHtistic License or you’ve tweeted something that interested me, I’ve probably taken a look at your blog.

There are thousands of great blogs out there. And, sadly, there are thousands of terrible blogs out there.

How do you know if your blog is one of the bad ones? Here are some signs.

  1. Pop-ups. I hate it if I’ve just started reading a post on your blog and a pop-up blocks my view. If it asks me to sign up for your blog, I dismiss it. How do I know I want to sign up for your blog if I haven’t even read a post yet? Please have a sign-up option prominently (and permanently) located on your blog. If I can only sign up without reading your blog, I never will.Woman typing on laptop
  2. Old school look. Honestly, there’s no excuse for the 1990s-retro-look websites. So many platforms will allow you to set up a good-looking blog for free that there is no reason to keep a dorky-looking one. Start new.
  3. Tiny text, or text that doesn’t show up against the background. Some of us have old eyes. If I can’t read your blog, I won’t come back to it.
  4. Poor grammar and spelling. Please learn the basics. You can get a free version of Grammarly to help you.
  5. No illustrations. Beautify your blog and drum up the interest factor with pictures. There are lots of sources for free images you can use on your blog.
  6. Long, unbroken paragraphs. Nothing looks so formidable as a huge expanse of words. Throw in a little white space. Try to limit paragraphs to no more than five sentences.
  7. Posts that have no point. If you’re just writing your daily to-do list, you really don’t need to release it into the blogosphere. Write something an audience would love to read. Content is king.
  8. Your articles are sales pitches for your affiliates. I get it—blogging is time-consuming. It’s nice to earn some money at it. But if you’re not giving me meaningful content (see #7), I’m not going to read your blog.
  9. No sharing buttons. Sometimes I like an article so much I wish all my friends could read it. If I can’t just hit a button, but I actually have to open my social media and cut and paste a link, I’m way too lazy. You lose.Typing on laptop DeathtoStock
  10. No “like” buttons. I’d love to let you know I enjoyed your article, or at least show you I visited, but sometimes I’m too lazy to write a comment. I wish I could just click my approval.
  11. Your newsletter is a never-ending sales pitch. If I like your blog and sign up for your newsletter, I expect to see content like what you post on your blog, except better, more personal, and with incentives, like an occasional giveaway or contest. If issue after issue just urges me to buy your book or sign up for your online class, I will cancel my subscription.
  12. No way to contact you. If I love your blog, I might want to ask permission to use one of your pieces as a guest post or offer my help with something. If you don’t have a contact form or a blog email account, you might miss a chance to network. I’ll have to connect with a different blogger instead.

So, there you have it—my blogger pet peeves. If you recognize your blog above, it’s not too hard to improve it. Your readers will thank you—and you may attract some more!

Are there any other big blogging mistakes that I’ve missed? Share in the comments below.


Monday Morning Wisdom #139

Monday Morning Wisdom #139

Found on Twitter:Jobs quote

From the Creator’s Heart # 135


The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands (Psalm 19:1 NIV).Creation

Dogs Would be Better Off if They were More Like Us Cats


In response to the Daily Post prompt: inscrutable.


Why do you beg? Have you no dignity?
If the humans forget to feed you, scold.
And when they do feed you, don’t be in such a hurry to eat.
Turn up your nose. Walk away.
Come back later when no one’s around to watch.
Otherwise they think they’re doing you a favor.

And when they tell you to fetch or roll over or shake
Turn up your nose. Walk away.
Why work so hard to earn their approval?
Humans are inscrutable. Always making demands. Ignore them.

Don’t make such a big deal when they come home.
Turn up your nose. Walk away.
Why weren’t they here waiting on you?
Whose special—them or you?

You have to go out in all kinds of weather.
Why don’t you use the litter box?
Outdoors is best viewed from the windowsill.

Recent Zentangles


Here are my most recent tangles:

Below, several variations of the pattern Chainlea.


Sonnenband reminds me of an Art Deco design:




Below: Mak-rah-may. I turned this into an anniversary card for my hubby. We’ve been married 44 years.


For Diva Challenge #346. Phicops and Huggins:




A string made by tracing found objects:


And the string tangled:


Creative Juice #78

Creative Juice #78

Twelve articles for your artistic pleasure.

In the Meme Time: Start

In the Meme Time: Start

In the Meme Time

START Mark-Twain-Quotes29-800x800

Guest Post: Animation the Hard Way


Thank you to Donna from My OBT for this gorgeous guest post about an animation project and the artist’s process.


disco © 2016 Seewald & Hanna UG

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Video of the Week #134: The Artistic Side of Jim Carrey

Video of the Week #134: The Artistic Side of Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey: I Needed Color from JC on Vimeo.