Fresh and Colourful Eye Makeup Tutorials for the Summer

Fresh and Colourful Eye Makeup Tutorials for the Summer

Have you ever seen the artistic eye makeup creations on Pinterest and wished you had the talent to recreate them? Makeup artist extraordinaire Joan Bardot offered to give ARHtistic License readers some tips and encouragement to try some of these designs on your own. Here’s Joan:


Summer is here and the need to wear different colors comes with it, such as clothes, nails, and even makeup. This year, the trend is neon and colorful looks with as many pigments you can add on to your eyelid, and the best part is that there are so many looks to explore and to try on. Do you prefer more neutral and nude colors or you like to risk everything and use the most vibrant tones? The choice is totally yours and there are no rules, as it’s an art form without any limits to stop you!

Choosing the perfect eye makeup can be hard because of all the information and tips you get from people around you and from all over social media, but you don’t have to worry because I gathered the most trendy, fresh and colorful eye makeup for this warm and relaxed time of the year! Summer is here, so let’s enjoy it while feeling powerful, amazing and beautiful!

I prepared some tutorials that you can follow and the essential tips that come with them, but first I have to advise that any look will only achieve excellence if you already have a really good mirror and pigmented makeup for these looks. With that said, get ready to learn and earn some inspiration with these tutorials. Keep scrolling, enjoy, and try them!

1 – Rainbow Means Fun

[Image –]

This look is amazing, and definitely one of my favorites – all I can think about it is extra fun! It can look hard but it’s really easy, trust me! You will only need yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue, and green eyeshadows. You have it? Perfect, then you can start applying them and blending them with each other. My tips for this one include starting with the yellow to pink, packing, and blending. Then you can apply the other colors underneath with the same technique. The importance of a great mirror seems pretty obvious in order to better see every step, if the colors are beautifully blended and if the wing of the eyeliner is perfect. A vanity mirror is always a great choice and if it does have magnification, you’re on the right path – take a look at for best ones on the market. Lastly, don’t forget the lashes, the highlighter in the corner and near the brows, and the white liner to complete the look! You are ready to be this summer’s rainbow!

2 – Lavender Is Trending

[Image –]

This eye makeup doesn’t require any special techniques and can be one of the most trendy and fashionable looks to wear this summer. One purple shadow and another lavender are enough to reach this beautiful combination of colors. Blend those two together, add a wing liner and some mascara. You are ready to get some drinks at a sunset or to be the most fashionable person at the dinner party you’re throwing!

3 – Fire Beautiful Makeup

[Image –]

If you want to change the game a little bit, I brought you this tutorial that even though it requires some detailed skills to challenge you it will provide you an entertaining and enjoyable time, as well as some fiery eyes! This makeup can take more time than the others that are more simple but it’s totally worth it! You’ll start by packing the red shadow all over the crease and blend it. The secret to this tutorial is to put some concealer on the eyelid to increase the pigment of the yellow shade. Clean the red shadow, pointing to the edge of the eyebrow, add some big lashes and highlighter! If you get it right, there’s no way people won’t be impressed.

4 – Neon is Trending This Year

[Image –]

Here, we have the lavender all over the lid again but with an amazing touch of the neon orange eyeliner. Using shadows in the lid and then applying eyeliner with another completely different color is also really fashionable and is used by models and actors worldwide! Choose your favorite neon color eyeliner and create this liner around the eye. I know it’s bold and it’s not for everyone but give it a try, exceed yourself and surprise others – I’m sure you’ll love it!

5 – Blue Like The Sea

[Image –]

Blue was considered the color of 2020, so why not try it on your eyes? It’s a beautiful colorful makeup and it can be done in 5 minutes! Yes, it’s correct! The major tip I can offer you on this one includes using tape to create the effect of the wing pointing at the edge of the eyebrow, and then start applying the most vibrant and pigmented blue you have in your collection! Also add some blue liner in the water line to connect the shadow from the eyelid above and that’s it! As I mentioned in the previous tutorials, for the finishing touches, you can add some lashes and highlighter on the inner corner. Go have some fun with this powerful makeup!

Summer’s Here and So Are You!

Joan Bardot

Hopefully, I helped you with these 5 tutorials in achieving colorful and bright looks, perfect for the next months of hot and nice weather! Try this on, don’t be afraid to wear more bold looks and take the risk because you only have one life and you must enjoy it by wearing whatever makes you feel more powerful and beautiful. Thank you for reading and stay bright!

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