Preparing to Set Creative Goals for 2017

Preparing to Set Creative Goals for 2017

Last year I thought I did a good job of setting goals. I started the year with seven.

By mid-year I had fourteen.

Saturday I’ll tell you how many I actually accomplished in 2016.

Next year I’m going to take some advice I read in this article and also this one.

Typing on laptop DeathtoStock

I especially like strategy #3 in the second article, which involves taking the step of planning how you will achieve your goals. Genius!

If you would like an accountability partner for achieving your creative goals in 2017, take the ARHtistic License Creative Goal Challenge. This year, I will be setting monthly goals for myself, and posting my progress monthly. You can, too.

Start thinking about your goals now—New Year is next week! I hope you read the articles linked above and are considering how you’ll set priorities and schedule your efforts. On Saturday I’m posting my final update for 2016, and Sunday I’ll launch the Challenge for 2017, so be sure check back. (You’re welcome to visit ARHtistic License every day—new content about the arts and the creative process is posted daily.)

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