OctPoWriMo Day 7


Today’s prompt is growing pains.

Growing Pains
When I was ten,
my mother took me to the doctor
because my legs hurt.
The doctor examined me
and said I had growing pains.
Nothing I could to do about them.
When I was sixty,
I complained about leg pain, especially after exercise,
and the chiropractor asked me to describe my stretching regimen.
Um, I don’t have a stretching regimen.
And the doctor prescribed one for me which greatly reduced my achiness.
I wondered if stretching would have helped me as a child 
to reduce my growing pains.
It occurred to me today
when I’m pushed out of my comfort zone
forced to accommodate changes happening with greater and greater rapidity
that rather than dig in and refuse to budge,
I could  s t r e t c h  up and over and out to lower my discomfort.


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