Favorite Memes of 2018

Favorite Memes of 2018

Every Friday I share a meme on ARHtistic License. I used to post memes I found on Twitter or Facebook, but I couldn’t always credit them to the creator. In 2016 I decided to make my own. I still post memes I find on social media, but only if the source is easily discernible.

Continuing a tradition I started last year, here are my favorite memes of 2018. The first three have to do with the arts in a general way:

Art for Art's Sake

Persistence; perseverance

Joy of Creativity

The next group specifically relates to writing:



Author, writing

Unique story

The final group of memes illustrate truths about life:

Head above water

A photo by Andrew Small. unsplash.com/photos/EfhCUc_fjrU


Marriage rachael-crowe-78854-unsplash

Positive Failure

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