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From the Creator’s Heart #339

Luke 2:8-11

From the Creator’s Heart


Video of the Week #337: Christmas Concert


From 2018. Sadly, this church building burned last year, but the church continues . . .

Tangles for Christmas, 2021 edition


In the weeks before Christmas, my drawings are generally Christmas-related zentangles. This year, I started out with some Christmas trees. The first uses the patterns Emingle (a variation) and Ahh:

Emingle (var.) + Ahh
This pattern is called Star Berries, by Dawn George:
Star Berry

For the next one, I created a hybrid from three patterns I know, Nipa, Crescent Moon, and Line Dance by Alice Hendon. I’m calling this Nipa Moon Dance:

Nipa Moon Dance
I did this on the reverse side of the Emingle tree; unfortunately, you can see it peeking through.

This one uses Brr by Julie Isaac, Festoon Holiday by Joan Stark, and Holiday Ornaments by Suzanne McNeill:


Next, a couple of Christmas messages. The first one utilizes the pattern Purrlyz by Hanny Waldburger:


And this one features l’Eaura:


And finally, my favorite string in this group employs Ginili by Randi Wynne-Parry, Twistee by Livia Chua, Flux, and Luv-a by Sharon Caforio:

Ginili, Twistee, Flux, Luv-a

If you’d like to see my Christmas tangles from previous years, click the links: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017.

Creative Juice #272

Creative Juice #272

Lots o’ neat stuff.

Creative Juice #222

Creative Juice #222

Merry Christmas! May God’s Love indwell you today and always.

  1. Beautiful (and humorous) embroideries.
  2. Zentangle + pottery.
  3. A quilter grows through the years.
  4. An Andy Warhol exhibit from two years ago. I missed this article when it was first posted, but I was happy to come across it now.
  5. The story behind Handel’s Messiah.
  6. I love libraries. Here are how some decorated for Christmas.
  7. The story behind “Silent Night.”
  8. A quilter photographs her many quilts.
  9. The prettiest Christmas cookies I’ve ever seen.
  10. Verdigogh always looks so Christmasy to me. Here’s how several artists interpreted it.
  11. This blog definitely gets the best reader comments. You guys are all going to have to step it up on ARHtistic License. (Let that be one of your New Year resolutions.)
  12. This might be too late for you, so you might want to bookmark it for next year: how to sew gift bags.

Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol


When I was a little girl, I watched a cartoon show called Mr. Magoo, about a little old curmudgeon who was near-sighted and hard of hearing, which caused him to get into all sorts of trouble, of which he was blissfully unaware.

In 1962, they produced a Christmas special featuring Mr. Magoo as Ebenezer Scrooge in a musical version of Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. It was televised annually for several decades, long enough for me to memorize the songs (but don’t ask me to sing them today).

A few years ago, I realized that although other Christmas specials I’d enjoyed as a child were still being shown every December, I hadn’t seen Mr. Magoo’s in ages. Just for fun, I googled it last month and found it on Vimeo. I’m posting the link so you and your children can enjoy it as well.

Video of the Week #285: Christmas Wish for a Soldier


Wordless Wednesday: Thorn Bush with Christmas Balls



Christmas Tangles


Every December I create some Christmas-related Zentangle designs. Here’s what I came up with this month.

This was a string that was suggested in Tangle All Around, the Zentangle group I’m part of on Facebook. I executed it with the patterns florz, IX, therefore, tipple, hurry, cubine, echoism, Hollibaugh, ixorus, ynix, doo dah, fescu, moonpie, mooka, springkle, drupe, dyon, tagh, dribbetz, onamato, three & three, sez, Kathy’s dilemma, and knase:

Because the string above is circular, I decided my theme for December 2020 would be Christmas balls.

Fellow blogger Alice Hendon, who administers Tangle All Around, came out with a new book last month, Life in Tangles, which is a collection of designs created by Tangle All Around FB group. Of course I bought it, and I thought this design, reel, by Sandra Strait, would make a good Christmas ball:

Here’s a ball based on the pattern drupe:

The next one uses the patterns puffle, huggins, bucky, and flux:

And this ball is my favorite, using arukas, sweda, snail, coil, and printemps:

If you’d like to see my Christmas tangles from previous years, click on the links for 2019, 2018, and 2017.